Understanding starts with dialogue

Our dialogue started at the Diversity and Inclusion: Challenging Implicit Bias symposium in Leiden in November 2014, when Buddy Talk was awarded the Van Bergen prize for internationalization and diversity. Four months later, we held a presentation and workshop on enhancing cultural exchange and understanding through language at the Online Media for Higher Education conference in Leiden.

Buddy Talk is an initiative by two women: Qing-yi Fan and Kim-Lan Jong Baw. It was born from the wish to help create a dialogue, not just a conversation, in the Netherlands between people from different cultures.

We believe that language exchange can be a stepping stone to something else: immersing yourself in a language can teach you more than merely the translation of words. But learning a language is not as easy as ABC. We initiated Buddy Talk to help you on your way.

The dialogue continues, and you are kindly invited to join.